Social Distant Sunday Services

After last Sunday’s trial run, we’re going to continue to do online services. These can be accessed on the online church platform or on our YouTube channel.

Following people’s feedback, a good set up, especially if you’re watching with others, is to be on the online church platform your phone, tablet or laptop for before and after the service, but watch the service on the YouTube app on your smart TV. If you press play at 10:30am, then you’re in sync with everyone else. There’s a 5 minute countdown because… well, because we’re not that punctual!

We really want to use this unusual way of doing our service as an opportunity to hear from different people, so if you would like to contribute by doing a Bible reading, leading a prayer, sharing an encouraging story or leading a worship activity, then get in touch. This goes for teenagers and children too.

If your younger kids are less engaged in the service, we still think it’s really good for them to know the half-hour or so is time set aside for God and church. One idea is to have pens and paper available for them and encourage them to draw pictures. If they can draw pictures about God or Jesus or the church we could use them in a worship activity on a future online service. Take a picture of their picture and email them to us.

Little Launch, Launch, Elevate and Elevate+

On Saturdays we will release an activity for children to do with their grown ups. There will be an activity for Little Launch and Launch and a different activity for Elevate and Elevate+.

We’d love you to take time to do this with your children – this is a great opportunity to do something intentional as a family and maybe even set a new family culture and rhythm.

The activities will be released on this website, under the News section.


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