Plans for our Family Meal

On Sunday 5th September we are gathering as a whole church for the first time since March 2020!

We are doing something new, in a new venue… so we expect to learn as we go along, but the important thing is we’re getting to be together and focus ourselves on God.

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The venue is Clyst St Mary Village Hall and we are meeting from 10:30 until 12.

We will be sharing brunch together (so don’t eat a big breakfast before you come!)

Food (as well as set up and clear down) is being shared by people in Hubs, so if you’re in a Hub you’ll be told what to do or bring. If you’re not in a Hub, don’t worry – just come and enjoy yourself.

We are going to be sat, cafe style, on tables of six to eight. During our time together we’ll be having a time of sung worship, sharing communion, eating, catching up and hanging out and learning a spiritual practice.

There are no special activities for children, but most children will be able to join in with what we’ll do. You might want to bring activities or (quiet-ish) toys if you think it will help. There is also excellent space outside for playing. Children will be the responsibility of parents/guardians during the morning.


Obviously Covid is of real concern, especially with local prevalence. With this in mind, we think it is sensible and considerate of others for us to take certain measures as follows:

If you have any Covid-19 symptoms please do not attend and follow the government’s guideline to be tested. Similarly if you have been told to self-isolate you cannot attend.

For those coming, if possible we would like people to do and lateral flow test before arriving. Many people have to do this anyway for work, so it would be great if you could schedule one of your tests for that Sunday. You might want to take a photo of your test strip in case you want to refer back to it later on. We are not requiring people to do a LFT, just strongly recommending it. So, if for any reason, it isn’t possible for you to do one please don’t feel you can’t attend.

On arrival use the supplied hand sanitiser and wear a mask until you are sat at your table.

When you get up to get your food, or when you go to the toilet, please put your mask back on.

We will wear masks while singing (except for the band).

Unless the weather makes this impossible, we will have doors and windows open to ensure good ventilation.

We’re asking people not to mingle while in the hall. There is a lot of outdoor space to catch up and have chats before and afterwards.


Here’s a quick video tour of the hall so you can get an idea of how Sunday 5th will work:

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