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Church’s rhythm hasn’t really been something we’ve had to think about… Sunday morning = church time.

But now, because we want to balance two different environments (whole church family together and Hub communities), we have a slightly different rhythm.

It means we might have to get the hang of the new rhythm.

It really isn’t complicated. In fact it’s more simple than bin collection day (no changes because of Bank Holidays) or knowing when your football team is playing at home (no irregular schedules, Covid postponements or international breaks).

Our activities for the whole church and young people all line up each month, which is made really obvious when we have a calendar that aligns by days of the week. To help visualise everything look at the calendar for the spring term below. You see? Simple!

Hubs set their own rhythm that weaves around our whole church and young people activities. They meet at times that work best for their own community.

At the bottom are PDF links for this calendar, so you can print it off and stick it to your fridge, copy it to your Google calendar or even frame it and put them above the mantle piece – whatever works for you!


Spring Rhythm A4 PDF file – click here

Spring Rhythm A5 calendar on A4 sheet PDF file – click here

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