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Over the autumn term of 2020 we are thinking about the important elements, principles and ideas to calibrate our church around discipleship. Of course, discipleship is what the church is always meant to be about. However, hundreds and hundreds of years of church practice has meant we’ve got somewhat stuck in a rut.

The Covid pandemic represents an enforced time of stopping some of our usual practices and allows us the opportunity to think freshly about church.

Instead of starting with our usual activities, programmes and practices and then trying to fit people into them, what if we started with a the aim of making disciples and had the activities, programmes and practices fit around what we’re called to do?

This is our plan and the journey we’re undertaking.

So, during the autumn, each week we’re taking an idea and spending a short time thinking about it to get us ready. We hope you use the week in between to consider and work it into your own life.

Here is the journey so far. Click on the title of each week for more details :

WEEK 1. Moving Forward

What do we mean when we say the word ‘church’? Do we need to reconsider this over-used word? Dave and Sarah outline our aims for the autumn term and where we want to be in 2021.

WEEK 2. Whole Life

What does it mean to have faith? Is it just a segment to fill a gap in our life, or is it in all our life?

WEEK 3. Jesus: Light for Life

Why would we include Jesus in every area of our lives? What about the bits that seem so unspiritual? What can we learn from Jesus to help us with our modern, everyday life? We introduce the idea of ‘security’ to understand how we can see God being present in our lives.

WEEK 4. Discipleship Communities

What is this emphasis on small communities? Have we given up on Sunday services all together? (Spoiler: no.) Why are communities important to discipleships? And, how willing are we to change anyway? What insecurities might hold us back?

WEEK 5. Engaging in Discipleship

How do we actually go about changing towards the person God created us to be? Do we just have a vague hope that, over time, we’ll somehow be transformed? This week we think about a framework to understand the process of change.


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