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Just because it’s always been like that…

What do you think of when you imagine church?

Most likely, you picture a large group of people in a hall, with a band and a speaker up the front. Maybe you’re sitting in a seat listening?

We’re wanting to reshape what we think of as church. We’d like church to conjure a different image.

Instead, picture a smaller group, having fun and hanging out over a meal. It’s multi-generational, with kids included.

It’s people listening together to Bible teaching and then talking about it. There’s opportunity to explore the idea, to express your thoughts and to make decisions about what difference it will make in your life.

Everyone contributes; bringing food, helping to set up and clear away, sharing their thoughts and story, praying for each other.

This is what church was like for much of church history. It’s what church is like for most of the world today – including in the parts of the world where the church is growing the fastest.

Making changes…

We want to organise Exeter Vineyard more like this. We want to make church more active, more relational and more connected to our everyday life.

We’re doing this because we think this model of meeting will be a better environment for us to be discipled – to become more like Jesus. It’s this one simple reason.

We’re calling these groups Hubs.

We’ve been moving this way for a number of years, but the pandemic has been a bit of a nudge to take the next step. Whatever happens with restrictions, it’s almost certain that we’ll be able to meet as smaller groups in gardens and homes before we’re able to meet all together.

Having used online videos for almost 10 months, we think these are a great way for the whole church to learn and journey together, even as we meet in smaller groups. We envision Hubs watching the content together and then discussing over a meal. Hubs will incorporate activities to worship and centre themselves on God, opportunities to pray and also to reach out to the friends, family and local community.

One church, many Hubs…

When we’re able to, we will meet as a whole church regularly – perhaps twice a month – to do those things that are best for large groups… things like corporate sung worship, storytelling, having fun, vision casting and so on.

We don’t know what it will look like yet, but we will want to do the best thing we can for that time – so the whole church meetings may look like a traditional Sunday service, or they might not. We don’t want to make decisions now about things where it’s better to wait and see what is going to be the best option.

Find out more…

Go to our Hub page for more information about Hubs and a link to the current Hubs running. Any whole church events will be advertised in our services and on the website, although it looks like this may be a while!


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