Make a Joyful Noise: Musical Worship Plans

As restrictions lift and we make plans for meeting together, we can look forward to singing our praise and thanksgiving to God!

It’s been over 17 months since we were last able to do this!

We want to briefly explain how musical worship is going to work and, if you’re a musician, how to get involved.

Each month we are going to have two gatherings with musical worship; the Family Meal and Connect. To enable this to happen the musicians are going to organise themselves into two cohorts. Each cohort will take it in turn to serve the church with musical (and other creative forms of) worship for each event. So one cohort will do the Family Meal in the first month and Connect on the second month and vice versa.

The idea is cohorts provide a family of musicians to develop gifts, practice, worship together and encourage one another. It’s a supportive environment for young or new musicians to join and develop confidence.

The number of musicians in a cohort will be more than we need in any particular band, so bands will be formed from the cohort each month, sharing the opportunities for people to use their gift to serve the church.

Rachel Dennett and Hayley Rufus are helping to facilitate and coordinate each cohort. A number of musicians who were previously involved in worship are up for being involved as we move forward and are in the process of being formed into these two cohorts.

If you are a musician who would like to get involved, please fill out this form.


Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

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