Launch TFTW – Sat 28th March

Morning Launchonauts!

We’d love you to join us in a craft activity each week – something simple that we don’t have to buy special supplies for, but that we can adapt and use the things we have around the house!

Watch the tutorial on how to make a world and moon bookmark. Afterwards, chat with your grown up about what materials you have at home that you can use to make yours. Then ready your equipment and creative heads to start crafting!

As you craft with your grown up read and discuss the following verse, theme and questions together.

Psalm 33:5
“God loves what is right and fair. The Lord’s love fills the earth”

Even in the midst of big world events and days stuck at home, God is at work! God’s plans have not changed.  God’s character remains the same. God is doing good things in, through and for his people all the time.

Q1. Where have you seen God’s love today? (maybe in creation outside or through someone being loving)

Q.2 What good things has he given to you? 

Q.3 What do you think God thinks about unfairness and the sad things that happen to us?

Pause your crafting to take a moment to close your eyes and ask God to be present with you. Be still and think of the things you’ve chatted about. Breathe in and out. Wait for a few minutes. Did anything else pop in your mind? This could be God speaking to you and encouraging you.

Well done – if you’d like, ask your grown up to take a photo of your masterpiece and any thoughts you might want to share with your fellow Launchonauts and email it to

We’ll add any pictures of your effort to the bottom of this post.

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