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The last two weeks of our learning journey have been a mini-series, where we’ve talked about how we tend to segment our lives, and we can end up with a God/Church segment.

However, we’re made to involve God in all segments – even the ones that we don’t necessarily think of as spiritual.

On the second week we thought about how Jesus is the perfect example for us in every area of our lives. We concentrated on how his complete security in God’s love, care and plan made him able to go through life without ever feeling like he couldn’t always and perfectly be himself.

You can catch up on the two talks here and here.

However, it can be really hard to understand, from a distance of 2,000 years and 2,000 miles, that Jesus has any relevance for our modern, day-to-day lives.

The antidote to this is being in love with Jesus. If we are in love with Jesus and full of admiration, then naturally we find we want him involved.

The question is, how do we fall more in love with Jesus? How do we increasingly admire him?

Reading the gospels is a great place to start. You can notice how secure he is in all situations, never defensive or fearful or trying to impress others. He is never out of his depth and he is never pretending to be anyone other than himself.

You may want to try a fresh way to interact with Jesus. So, I thought I’d post some links to videos.

This is a playlist of the dramatised version of the Gospel of John:

This is the YouTube channel for The Chosen, a recent ‘box set’ of Jesus’ life: Click Here

Some selected scenes from the classic, Jesus of Nazareth:

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