Hey Kids and Teens… Help Needed!

Hey kids, Dave here!

I’d like your help with our online Sunday services. Are you up for the challenge? Here’s some ideas about how you could help…

Record a Video

Could you do our welcome? You’d say something like, “Hello everyone, welcome to Exeter Vineyard’s online service. Today we are going to __________.”

If you’d like to do this, let me know and I can tell you what you need to say for the week.

If you don’t want to do a video of yourself, you could always do something creative, like the Iron Man video above. I know your Lego minfigs can’t wait to be involved!

Tell a Story

I know lots of you are amazing at cartoons or stop-motion animation or other in countless amazing creative ways. Maybe you could tell us a story out of the Bible?

Draw a Picture

Could you draw a picture of something that will help us think about God? It might be based on a verse from the Bible, or an idea about who God is, or a scene from Jesus’ life? Or something that represents God?

If you also wanted to record a quick video talking about your drawing that would be really great too!

Say a Prayer

Could you record a video of you saying a prayer? Then everyone watching can say Amen with you. It’s really helpful to have someone lead us in prayer.



You can record your video on any smartphone using the selfie camera or, if you have someone to be a camera-person, on the normal camera.

The most important thing is the sound quality. Record in a quiet environment – it’s amazing how a phone microphone will pick up a washing machine, vacuum cleaner or people in the background. If you try to do this outside even a breeze can drown out your voice, so, unless it’s a really still day, it might be better to be indoors.

The video will be shown landscape so it’s best to turn your phone sideways. Try to be somewhere with good lighting. And don’t sit directly in front of a light source or you’ll be a silhouette.

If you’re filming yourself you might want to find somewhere to lean your camera so you don’t have to hold it. It will look best if you can have the camera at eye level.

Start the phone recording and wait a couple of seconds before talking. Same at the other end; leave a little gap. Otherwise we can end up with a video that starts when you’re halfway through a sentence.


The video file will be too large to text, email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger to me (or it will sent, but be massively compressed).

So please use a file transfer service to send to my email. The easiest might be to get the app “Smash: File transfer” on your phone. This allows you to add the file and send to my email address ( dave (AT) exe.vin )

Alternatively you can use the website WeTransfer, which does the same thing without installing an app.

If you find you get stuck with the file transfer, get in touch

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