Elevate TFTW – Sat 4th April

“Thought for the Week” is a suggested activity that families can do together. It will take about 20-30 minutes to work through this and gives families a chance to think about God, apply ideas to our everyday lives and pray together.

For our young people in Elevate and Elevate+, we are following through the story of Jesus and the early church in the Bible Project’s playlist Luke-Acts Series.

Week 2


Reaction to the video
What did you learn from the video? What hadn’t you thought of before? What aspect of the story so far has caught your imagination?

We often read the Bible in snippets. Do you enjoy thinking about Jesus’ story in order? This is also showing how what Jesus did fits into the bigger story of the whole Bible. Do you find this interesting and helpful? Why?

What we learn about the world?
What does this video tell us about how the world works? One of the ideas featured in the video is how Jesus pulls together a group of diverse people to be his disciples. Why is this different from how the world usually works? What sort of modern-day people might be just as shocking to work together?

What we learn about God?
The video talks about people dedicating themselves to God’s purpose. If God is all powerful, why do you think he wants people to be part of his work? What does this tell us about God and what he thinks of us?

What we learn about living in the world?
What can we learn from this video about what our lives are for? What might living a life like that be like? Would it be hard or easy? Why? What would you find difficult about this ‘radical’ way of living?



Ask what you could pray for each other.

Jesus says we should love and pray for our enemies. You may not have actual enemies (or maybe you do) but how could you pray (and love) people you normally wouldn’t think of treating like this.

Pray that you would start to see and understand the place God has for you in the world and how you could dedicate yourself to doing his will.


This video talks about baptism as a way of dedicating yourself to God. Our plan, Coronavirus situation permitting, is to do baptisms on the 19th July. If you haven’t been baptised, perhaps you might want to think about whether this is something you want to do. Perhaps pray and talk to your parents and friends about this.

What way can you, this week, do something to contribute to Jesus’ mission statement that he read out in the synagogue (Luke 4:16-21). What could you do to be good news to someone this week?


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