Elevate TFTW – Sat 28th March

“Thought for the Week” is a suggested activity that families can do together. It will take about 20-30 minutes to work through this and gives families a chance to think about God, apply ideas to our everyday lives and pray together.

For our young people in Elevate and Elevate+, we are following through the story of Jesus and the early church in the Bible Project’s playlist Luke-Acts Series.

Week 1


Reaction to the video
This is what we think of as the Christmas story. It’s something we know really well, but was there anything that you hadn’t really thought about before? Perhaps something that usually gets missed at Christmas time? Why do you think this might not get included in the normal Christmas retelling of the story?

Whether it was unexpected or not, did anything jump out at you? Perhaps an idea that grabbed your attention or part of the story captured your imagination. Share what this is and why it stood out.

What we learn about the world?
What does this video tell us about how the world works? What things and principles were at work in Israel when Jesus was born that are still going on in our world today? Some might be good and some might be bad. What does this video tell us about what God thinks of these things?

What we learn about God?
What does this video tell us about God? Which of his characteristics are evident in this story? Can you think of something in your own life that shows any of these characteristics of God?

A central part of the story is how unexpected it was that God chose Mary and the circumstances of Jesus’ birth. Do you sometimes feel insignificant or unimportant compared to people around you? What is that like? What do you think God thinks about you at these times?

What we learn about living in the world?
God’s idea of what is important or significant is often upside-down when compared to the world’s ideas. Can you think of things that the people around you think are really important, but aren’t really that important at all? How easy is it for us to get drawn into the world’s ideas? What might be different in the way the world reacts to the Coronavirus situation than how God would want his people to react?



Ask what you could pray for each other.

Considering God’s upside-down kingdom, pray for people who might be really struggling because of their circumstances in the Coronavirus situation.

Pray that you would have eyes to see God’s unexpected and unusual activity and opportunities this week.


This week, what could you do to live out this God-principle of the upside-down-backwards kingdom? Maybe you could encourage someone who feels insignificant or worthless? Or you could help someone who is struggling? You could commit to pray everyday for a certain situation? Tell each other what you plan to do, so they can ask how you got on.

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