Planning for Easter Sunday

We are thinking about how we can celebrate Easter Sunday.

We have two options, but we’d like to know what everyone thinks, as there’s no point doing lots of work, or trying something a bit different, if no one’s around or if no one wants to do it.
So, we are taking an ‘advisory’ referendum – hopefully it won’t be too divisive (#EasterMeansEaster)!
This will also help us know numbers, so you will see on the poll there are four options; Option one, Option two, I don’t mind, and I’m away. You only need to respond with one poll per household.
You can read our plans below or watch the brief video, it’s the same info . . .

We do a Sunday service – sung worship, small talk – and then, while we have coffee and a snack, have an Easter egg hunt on the school field, so the kids can get some chocolate. We could also have some Easter themed craft stations for younger kids too.
We’d start at 10:30 and at 11:15 break for refreshments and the egg hunt and craft tables.
We’d want this to be a service people can invite friends and family to, but it especially suits families with young kids.
As we are increasingly trying to think of church as a family, option 2 is to have a celebratory Easter lunch together.
We would meet later, maybe midday, and have lunch. We would centrally organise the main part of the meal (we’re looking into the possibility of a lamb roast, although that may not be possible, so instead we’re thinking something like gourmet lamb pies) and then do a bring-and-share for accompaniments like salads, bread, potatoes and so on.
We would want to do something centred on God, so maybe we’d start with singing one song, have an opportunity to to say a thankful ‘grace’ together and  then, over dessert or coffee, have a short Easter-themed, thought for the day. We want to include God, but this option is much more of a community time – especially as we think about making it accessible for inviting friends – see below.
We’d still do a simple an egg hunt and craft options for children.
The issue with this maybe that people already have plans for lunch on Easter Sunday. However, as we want to be an inclusive and welcoming family, it could also be a fantastic opportunity to invite your parents, siblings or neighbours to come for lunch.
You can take the poll here:
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